Friday, August 23, 2019

Dental Coverage Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Dental Coverage - Article Example 23% of the total population have moderate to severe gum disease while 15% of the entire population experience toothache very often (Government of South Australia n.d p. 5). Mostly the adult population is the working people in the society. The high numbers of people affected by oral health affects their total out capacity. As the population suffers from the poor health their productivity levels are very low due to lack of concentration. Additionally, not only do they waste a lot of time while seeking medical attention, they also have low self-esteem, a factor that significantly contributes to the low output of employees. Consequences of poor performance in any job position are either facing the cask or demotion, which is a rather lighter charge. The article, â€Å"Trends in access to dental care among Australian adults 1994–2008† looks at the relationship between access to dental care and the time taken by adults in Australia over a number of years. As the trends improve among the people, so do the people’s oral health condition, which subsequently leads to the people job performance. Poor dental health is associated with poor job performance among the employed people. According to the article, with time, people have increasingly had access to dental care, as statistics reveal. ... Further in 1999, it maintained a downward trend and was reported at 36.2%. Over one in every two adults made a dental visit to the dentist in the 12 months before the study that took place between 1994 and 2008 (Harford, Ellershaw & Spencer 2011, p. 6). These statistics show deteriorating dental health coverage. A person with a dental problem does not exhibit high concentration levels when working. Statistically, the high rate of people visiting the dentist is alarming. The more people visit the dentist, the more the time they spend away from their work. Promotions based on attendance are likely to escape these individuals. The higher the numbers of hours these people spend at the dentists’ the more they lose promotional opportunities at their job places. The lack of insurance among the employed people has also negatively impacted on job retaining capacity among the employees. They also lose in their motivational packages. Oral health is a major determinant of the general heal th and hygiene of a person. The report, â€Å"Projected demand and supply for dental visits in Australia: analysis of the impact of changes in key inputs† shows the various effects and factors that are likely to take place in case the number of dentists increase in Australia. Definitely, just as the economic law of demand and supply illustrates, the increase in supply of dentistry services leads to a positive increase in the people’s job retaining capacity as well as their chances of promotion. The report indicates that the number of dentists is likely to increase by 33% from what it was in 2005 to a larger figure in 2020. Experts anticipate that the number of dentists will grow from 10,104 to 13,465. Subsequently, the total aggregate supply of dental visits is expected to

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