Thursday, July 25, 2019

Business Strategy Briefing Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Business Strategy Briefing Paper - Essay Example 2012-2013. Moreover, it has also been recognised that the company has over 11,500 branches located in the UK market (Royal Mail Group Limited, 2014). In order to determine the competitive position of Royal Mail, it will be vital to apply ‘Porter’s Five Force Model’. The elements of this model are aligned with the various factors related to the company and are described below: Royal Mail relies on its special deliverance system with the aim of providing quality services to its customers. In this regard, it has been determined that approximately 18,000 vehicles assist the company to produce designated postal services across the world. Thus, it can be asserted that the bargaining power of its supplier is high (Royal Mail Group Limited, 2014; Karagiannopoulos et. al., 2005). The bargaining power of buyers is rising within the industry in which Royal Mail operates its operations in the UK market. Correspondingly, it has been recognised that the present customers of the company have become more of service quality conscious and time sensitive, which has enforced the company to reduce its rate of delay or accidents in the UK market. Thus, it can be asserted that the bargaining power of its consumers is relatively high within the industry (Royal Mail Group, 2013; Karagiannopoulos et. al., 2005). A diagram is depicted below for better comprehension of the above stated concept. In order to identify the competitive rivalry, it has been observed that Royal Mail has witnessed higher threats from its competitors, due to the private courier service providers in the UK. Subsequently, it has been recognised that Royal Mail has emphasised towards quality services in order to attain competitive advantage over its competitors. Thus, the level of competitive rivalry can be identified to be high (Karagiannopoulos et. al., 2005). With respect to the threat of substitute, the company has faced severe challenges from other industries such as telecom and

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