Sunday, July 28, 2019


EXAMINE THE DISTINCTIVE PROBLEMS THAT DEVELOPMENT NGOs ENCOUNTER - Essay Example The spheres of work of development NGOs are diverse, encompassing humanitarian relief, long-term development, policy formation and political advocacy (Atack 1999). The only common element among all NGOs is that they are not a part of the government (Tandon 2001). Development NGOs play an important part in determining the form taken by civil society. They also support advocacy NGOs, unions, social movements, interest groups and research institutions among others (Clark 2006). Nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) â€Å"have become increasingly important agents of the development process in the countries of the South† (Atack 1999, p.855). To meet the standards of legitimacy, development NGOs are required to meet four critieria: representativeness, distinctive values, effectiveness and empowerment. From the middle of the 1990s, with the recession hitting industrialised countries, less money was available for the funding of development NGOs. An example is the cutting off of funds to South African NGOs by international benefactors, who assumed that the new democratic government of the country would fund them. Due to lack of adequate finances, development NGOs may spread themselves too thinly with respect to sectors, objectives or geography. Also, mismanagement and seepage from programme funds occur frequently (Lynch and Modgil 1997), resulting in reduced financial strength. Edwards and Fowler (2002) support the view that development NGOs face complex challenges constantly, since funding is unpredictable, social change is complex, guidance availability is low, and there is no single measure for success. For effective functioning, NGOs should develop their management capabilities. In the case of NGOs involved in development education the main challenges include the need for renegotiation and accurate definition of development NGOs’ relationship with the state. This is because the independence of the developmental NGO may get

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