Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Homeland security Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Homeland security - Assignment ExampleIt is also true that present moment responder in an emergency brake situation, provide support roles to the first responder, who are usually the fire response team, police among others. Their duties basically regard preparation, organization as well as offering returning services. However, it is imperative to note that the emergency befriend responders do not have to necessarily work behind the scenes as indicated in this post. They can also work on site in undertaking duties such as cleaning and return services (Jackson & Faith, 2012). This post indicates that square learn efforts and investment have been made in preparation and training of emergency response teams since the 2001 terrorist attack. This statement is somehow invalid this is because, significant investment and training have been made in emergency response teams even before September 11, 2001. It could have been made better by indicating the significant improvement in relation to training and investment in emergency response teams have been made since September 2001.In relation to improving the capacities of the second responders towards provision of emergency rescue services, the statement does not indicate the fact that provision a comprehensive training for second responders could be improve their performance especially when there is a shortage of the first responders. That is, second responders should also be subjected to training involving learning the duties of first responders as well as the duties of the second responders could improve their capableness of performance when providing emergency services. It is not wise to assert that the services offered by second responders could be improved by introducing responder three this actions would simply involve investment if huge amounts of financial resources. Instead, stakeholders can focus on research with an intention of determining more effective ways of improving the performance of the second

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