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Treatment of Unipolar Depression Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Treatment of Unipolar Depression - Essay ExampleOverall, 5-HTP appeared to be slightly conk out tolerated than fluvoxamine, although the results did not reach the level of statistical significance.What personal interests and/or short or long term goals lie bum this - not strictly essential for a proposal but it is usually helpful to think this through as it can help you focus one paragraphWhat aspect(s) of theory / noticeledge is/are behind this What are the gaps in the research or what parallels are there in adjacent fields (ie a short literature review to set up the purpose and question) - 5-HTP has also been compared in a few studies with conventional tricyclic antidepressants (chloripramine and imipramine) - the most effective drugs for treating depression until the development of the SSRIs. The studies found 5-HTP to be at least(prenominal) as effective as these drugs in treating severe depression, while displaying fewer side effects. In severe cases, 5-HTP dosages as high as 1200 mg fooling were proceduredWhat objectives, steps, sub-questions, angles of inquiry or sections of your paper would you break your question or inquiry aim into - CCDANCTR-Studies was searched (carried out on 12/1/2005) using the pastime search stategy (Diagnosis = Depress* or Dysthymi* and Intervention = tryptophan or 5-htp or 5-hydroxtryptophan or Hydroxytryptophan and Intervention = Placebo). Reference lists, book chapters and conference proceedings were checked. Experts and triallists were contacted for unpublished studies parting B -Study design and method / methodologyWhat type of study would help with your question and focusPlease bold underline to identify It is OK to use other and briefly explain - but otherwise no explanation required here. You should read up on these if you dont know what they are, but we assume you know what the one you pick is)survey1 experimentevaluation trial case studyreflective self-studyacademic paper2other - please identify chance upon ad viceWhy / how pass on this design work with your question and focus - Trials were included if they were randomized, included patients with unipolar depression or dysthymia, compared preparations of 5-HTP or tryptophan with placebo, and included clinical outcomes assessed by scales assessing depressive symptomstake adviceIf you intend to use a particular methodology, briefly explain how it works and why you want to use it. - Eg - reflective self study, controlled trial, grounded theory, ethnography. This must be fascinate for the way you have worded your research question / inquiry. Please note that it is not essential that you have this for an undergraduate project. For an academic

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