Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Human Services Questions Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Human Services Questions - Coursework Example with the reskilling of professionals of traditional servings, to have a larger gratitude of the individual as an entire person and to be responsible to the societies they work for. In the ancient time, service delivery was brutal where individuals were not treated well. In addition, the services were incomprehensive and not easily accessible (Packard, 2009). In present time delivery is humane, integrated, accessible and comprehensive. Human service professions have also developed to be more responsible unlike in the past where irresponsibility was common among them. In the present time, laws regulating how human services are delivered have been put in place, unlike in the historical era when there were no laws governing it. According to OLooney, (1996), in his article tries to capture the spirit of service integration movements and explain why it is such an enduring challenge and problem to the public organization. In addition, Weaver, (1997), discusses issues that workers delivering human services should be aware of so as to deliver services to the people effectively. Also, Monette et al., (2014), also talks how different researches done on human services and how it is a tool for enhancing service delivery. In the New York Times, The Guardian and The British Broadcasting Co-operation discuss on human services pertaining to health are d iscussed and how they vary from one hospital to another. This articles Scholarly articles have been reviewed well and make sense than the non-scholarly ones are just ones individual opinion and cannot be relied on since they have not be reviewed. Some stressors that I have experienced in life do not have enough time to complete tasks and getting more than I can manage. The emergence of this stressors was due to some psychological effects that triggered me to do impress others by subjecting myself to more work and tasks that I could not handle. In managing the lack of time, I rank my priorities and did tasks according to their

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