Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Fashion Industry and Trends Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

The Fashion Industry and Trends - Research Paper Example However, marketing in the fashion business holds a very important post because only when the clothes are marketed in a proper manner will they pose as appealing to the consumers; an individual might not know the need for different pieces of clothing and accessories unless they appeal to him or her and are displayed in such a manner. The fashion industry thus makes use of very interesting methods to market its brands as well as the products in order to keep the sales soaring and the customers happy. Men and women all around the world change trends on a daily basis; is it because of film stars portraying different glamorous images that the common people are desperate to have in order to make their lives more interesting? Or is it because people want an extra push in order to motivate themselves to look their best and feel good from the outside? Whatever the reason might be, there are many people willing to shell out their earnings for a nice dress or suit, and this is all because of the marketing that fashion industries are clever enough to do. One of the most famous techniques that almost all fashion houses make use of are using supermodels, actors, and other such famous people in order to model their clothing for them. They make them the brand ambassadors for their clothing brands and design clothes for them to wear to their high society parties. These dresses are then worn with different kinds of shoes and accessories and their photographs are conceptualized by the media on t he news as well as the internet, making common people yearn for the same look. Fashion houses then make use of cheaper fabrics and raw materials in order to make the same design and sell those clothes to the commoners on a more affordable basis. There have been numerous instances where famous movie stars wear certain clothes and then advertise them through photographs for fashion companies.

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